Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Why non-Conservatives Support Bush

To many critics of the re-elected Bush administration, everyone who supports or voted for Bush is assumed to be a convinced Right-wing Conservative. Most of the liberals, moderates, centrists and even leftists who support Bush only support his foreign policy and not his domestic agenda. Actually, I support Bush’s foreign policy precisely because it is NOT conservative. Instead, it is progressive and democratically internationalist in its outlook. Rememer that President Bush started out a critic of nation-building and US interventionist policy. He was more of an “America first” kind-of-guy. This all changed after 9/11, and this was also when the small core of neocons put forward their ideas of a new progressive internationalism, liberal interventionism, regime change and the need for democratizing the Middle East. All of which could have been said to originally be issues of the democratic left of yore. Not recognizing this fact is part of the reactionary Lefts propaganda to make the world fit into its clearcut, black&white view of the world. Well, we do exist and I hope that the seed of democratic internationalism will grow and prosper, so that the world can be made a safer and more democratic place for future generations to live in.


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