Sunday, January 30, 2005

Congratulations Iraq

Up to 8 million Iraqis turned out to vote today. I was very glad to hear this. At last, democracy is truly taking root in Iraq for the first time ever. Hopefully, the new government will be on good terms with the United States, thus becoming a Western ally, and more importantly a democracy, in the midst of the Middle East.

The elections should also make it more difficult for those reactionaries who call the terrorists "insurgents" or "the Iraqi resistance", when they see that ordinary Iraqis risked their lives going out to vote. However, I very much doubt that the Reactionary Left ever would admit this.

Iraq has still got a long way to go, but like ambassadeur Rolf Ekéus, former head of the UN weapons inspection, said -- this is a great democratic process which will take time. Ekéus also critized the EU for not helping to build democratic institutions and letting the United States pull all the weight. It is not only embarrassing that the EU is so invisible, it is also a proof of how far the Euro-chauvinistic attitude has gone.

I also feel that the role of the UN should be much more heavily debated. Kofi Annan should be removed from office. The lack of leadership, responsibility, the corruption within the UN and, most importantly, the shameful unwillingness to intervene in Rwanda, Iraq and the Sudan is appalling.

Let's hope that this great step forward will evolve into a stable Middle Eastern democracy in time. It would be an immense success for democracy not only in the Middle East, but for democracy worldwide.


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